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imageThank God for Bedtime is my attempt to outline the Bible’s teaching on a huge part of our lives that is often theologically neglected. We all have to sleep, and many of us find it hard (for all kinds of reasons), yet we may think that we’re on our own when trying to work out how to get a good night’s sleep.
Nothing could be further from the truth. God cares very deeply about our sleep, and he has a lot to say about it. I hope that this book will help to transform your sleep, one night at a time, so that you can truly sleep well to the glory of God.

Publisher’s description
Sleep. It seems an unlikely topic for a Christian book, doesn’t it? Yet we all need to sleep, and we spend a fair proportion of our lives doing just that (or, for some of us, trying to do just that). What’s more, when we carefully read the Bible we discover that God actually cares about our sleep and has quite a bit to say about it.

In this engaging, practical, and strikingly gospel-centred book, Geoff Robson offers a ‘theology of sleep’ that is full of wise and helpful Christian insights for all of us.



Book CoverThe Book of Books: A short guide to reading the Bible has a really simple but (I think) a really important aim: to help and encourage people who aren’t familiar with the Bible to get started on reading it for themselves. It’s meant to be just long enough (70 pages) to deal with the common issues people face, but short enough to not distract people from actually reading the Bible.

It’s primarily written for people who aren’t yet Christians and who’ve never read the Bible, but I hope it’s also useful for Christians who haven’t really gotten their heads around some of the common questions about the Bible.
If you think it would help you, if you know people that would benefit from having a copy, or if it would be useful for your church / ministry to have a few copies on hand for interested inquirers, check it out here on the Matthias Media website.

Publisher’s Description
At one level, the Bible is such an outstanding publishing success story that, just by the sheer scale of its translation and the quantities printed, it calls out to every person on the planet: “Read me!” Add to that the profound impact the Bible has had on our culture, and the personal testimony of the many who claim it has transformed their lives, and the case to open and read it surely becomes compelling.

But… the barriers to doing so can be off-putting.It’s a big book, written a long time ago, with words and ideas that may be unfamiliar to us. Where do I start? How do I go about it? Can I trust that what I am reading is the original, uncompromised Bible? How do all the different sections fit together and relate to each other?

Geoff Robson writes to help you read the Bible, answering these and other common questions and explaining how to go about it and get the most out of it.

Key Benefits
• Written with a non-Christian reader in mind.
• Orients the reader to what the Bible is and the basic things they need to know to read it in a sensible way.
• Answers common questions.
• Short enough to not get in the way of actually reading the Bible.

Useful for…
• Giving to non-Christian family and friends (with a copy of the Bible!) to encourage them to give reading the Bible a try.
• Helping new Christians get started in the Bible.