Would the Heenes have died for their lie?

A fascinating story, weird, and horribly sad. The ‘balloon boy’ story was just a hoax.

I couldn’t help thinking about another story – one from a long time ago – that seemed far more amazing, and which a lot of people also thought must have been faked.

Falcon Heene’s parents are both trained actors, and it took all of three days for their simple hoax to be exposed. But two thousand years ago, eleven fishermen and a few of their friends apparently concocted an elaborate hoax to try to convince the world that a guy rose from the dead. And they pulled it off…!?

Okay, I know Jesus’ followers never had to deal with Wolf Blitzer and CNN. But they did have to deal with some very powerful people who had a massive vested interest in proving them wrong. And yet their story survived.

You also gotta ask yourself: when the chips were down, would the Heenes have died for their lie?

Embedded video from CNN Video

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