Creating a Culture of Evangelism – Mack Stiles Podcast

Mack Stiles PortraitMack Stiles, author of Evangelism: How the whole church speaks of Jesus and Marks of the Messenger, on promoting the gospel and creating an effective, Christ-centred culture of evangelism in your ministry.

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Mack may be the most passionate and naturally gifted evangelist I’ve ever met. He’s the author of five books, including Marks of the Messenger and Speaking of Jesus. This week, at the Together For The Gospel (T4G) Conference in Kentucky, Mack will launch his latest book – Evangelism: How the whole church speaks of Jesus. Born and bred in America, he now lives with his wife Leeann in Dubai, UAE, where he is CEO of Gulf Digital Solutions and General Secretary for the Fellowship of Christian UAE students.

During his recent visit to New Zealand, I had the chance to sit down with Mack for an interview about life and evangelism. He talks about:

  • How he became a Christian
  • Why he and his wife moved from Kentucky to the Middle East right after 9/11
  • His concerns about the future of InterVarsity
  • How to create a culture of evangelism in your ministry or local church
  • The dangers of assuming the gospel
  • Plus much more…


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