Free eBook – Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor

9781433501999Anything by Don Carson is worth reading. His books are always biblically sound, theologically rich, practically relevant, and pastorally insightful. A good many people regard him as the finest New Testament scholar in the world today.

So what could be better than a book by Don Carson? How about a FREE book by Don Carson?!

Carson’s Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor (about his father, Tom Carson) is currently available as a free download from Crossway Books. If you serve in full-time, paid Christian ministry, I’d regard this as almost compulsory (not in a ‘You’re not a real pastor until you read this book’ kind of way, but more in the ‘Why would you not read this book?’ kind of way).

It’s not just for pastors. If you’re involved in a church or other ministry and you want to better understand the challenges your leaders face, and you want to be able to support them more effectively, this book is for you. And if you want a real-life insight into what it means to serve God in the real world (however you are called to serve), this book is for you.

Go grab it!

And while I’m here, a small selection of Carson’s other books (yes, for him this represents a small selection!) have been made available for free in PDF format (NB: these are all legit – they’ve been linked and approved by his research assistant):

Letters Along the Way
From the Resurrection to his Return
The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God (a personal favourite)
Love in Hard Places
Holy Sonnets of the Twentieth Century
– For the Love of God (a daily Bible reading companion), Volume 1 and Volume 2

Is Free Don, Is Good.


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