Another way to read the whole Bible in 2014

Dusty BibleOver the last couple of days, I’ve put together a simple Bible reading plan to get me through the Bible in a year. It was really just designed for my own use, so it’s tailored to what I want from a Bible reading plan. But I thought it was worth sharing in case it helps anyone else.

Why another Bible reading plan when there are so many out there (see below)? What makes this one different? Basically, I wanted something that would allow me to get through the Bible by concentrating on one book at a time (rather than reading a single chapter from multiple books each day). I also wanted something that deliberately did NOT start at Genesis and end at Revelation, but rather moved around from genre to genre throughout the year (blame YouTube for ruining my attention span, but I think this method has a better chance of keeping me engaged throughout the year).

Here is a PDF of my plan (Colour-coded Version | Black & White Version) Continue reading