Depression and the Christian: A collection of resources

Where to turn when you face this battle

DepressionAt some point in life, we will all deal with depression. Whether it’s a personal battle, or something that afflicts a spouse, a child, a pastor, a friend – if this issue is not real for you now, then it will be one day. For that reason, I’ve asked around for some help to compile a collection of resources that offer a biblical perspective on dealing with depression and mental illness. I haven’t read most of these myself, so I can’t recommend them all personally, but based on trusting those who’ve offered the recommendation, I have a high level of confidence that they’ll be of help to you, and others.

The Psalms! (there are many, but consider starting with Psalm 13 or Psalm 42)

Now That You Are Back (book) by Richard Beeston (I have read this one and can definitely recommend it. Rich writes candidly and warmly about the experience of seeing his wife Ali face a serious battle with depression. It’s a short, digestible read for those in the midst of struggles. Highly recommended.)

CCEF has an abundance of resources under the topic of ‘Depression’

Trusting In The Darkness: Some biblical reflections on depression and anxiety (article) by Paul Grimmond, from The Briefing

Christians Get Depressed Too by David Murray (as reviewed here by Tim Challies)

Suffering Well (book) by Paul Grimmond

Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and its Cure (book) by D.M. Lloyd-Jones

Depression: Looking Up from the Stubborn Darkness (book) by Ed Welch

Shame Interrupted: How God Lifts the Pain of Worthlessness and Rejection (book) by Ed Welch

Blame It On The Brain (book) by Ed Welch

Treasures Of Darkness: Depression – A personal point of view (article) by Roger Carswell

Depression and the Ministry (5-part series of articles from The Gospel Coalition)

Thinking Theologically About Depression (MP3 interview) with Jeremy Pierre, professor of biblical counselling at SBTS

When I Don’t Desire God (book) by John Piper (available free online as a pdf)

When The Darkness Will Not Lift (book) by John Piper (available free online as a pdf)

“There will be an end to these troubles” (series of article) by Adrian Warnock

I’m Not Supposed To Feel Like This: A Christian Approach to Depression and Anxiety (book) by Williams, Richards and Whitton

Depression And Hope (book) by Howard Stone

How Do I Help A Hurting Friend? (book) by Rod Wilson

Check back for more resources, which will be added as they become available. 

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