The Top Ten of 2013

Top TenIt’s that time when, apparently, bloggers post ‘best-of’ lists from the year that’s past. So here we go. These are the top ten most viewed posts from Every Thought Captive in 2013.

10. A Breaking Bad Idea: I took some heat (some of it justified) for this rumination on whether or not Christians should watch shows like Breaking Bad. I’m glad it raised questions for people.

9. Depression and the Christian: A collection of resources for people dealing with (or helping those dealing with) this massive issue. Continue reading

Depression and the Christian: A collection of resources

Where to turn when you face this battle

DepressionAt some point in life, we will all deal with depression. Whether it’s a personal battle, or something that afflicts a spouse, a child, a pastor, a friend – if this issue is not real for you now, then it will be one day. For that reason, I’ve asked around for some help to compile a collection of resources that offer a biblical perspective on dealing with depression and mental illness. I haven’t read most of these myself, so I can’t recommend them all personally, but based on trusting those who’ve offered the recommendation, I have a high level of confidence that they’ll be of help to you, and others. Continue reading